I've always been fascinated by  industrial processes. We've become so detached from the entire production chain, from raw materials to finished product, that we give little thought to the scale, logistics and personnel required to achieve something we take for granted. One of my favourite subjects to photograph is this industrial production process and the ability to give viewers a glimpse into a world they are so seldom exposed to.
Jesse Ede - Artist
Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to document some of Jesse Ede's incredible artwork processes. He uses very primordial materials and techniques to create unique pieces which are rugged, yet refined. He has taken me to some very interesting industrial locations to photograph the different stages of the production process, culminating in his final works.
Rock hunting at a local quarry.
Open Casting molten Bronze.
Polishing the machined metal surface.
The final artwork in all its glory.

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